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Giddings Book Festival

Friday & Saturday

September 7-8

Location TBD

Giddings, TX

Inklings' Annual Writer's Retreat

Friday thru Sunday

November 9-11

Location TBD

To purchase tickets:

Friday Check-in @ 2:00pm

Sunday Check-out @ 1:00 pm

All materials, housing, and meals included in pricing.

Be sure to check back often as Inklings calendar will be subject to frequent updates!

For Readers & Fans

August 25
Aesthetics of Design: Understanding the Elements of Powerful Graphics

Join Inklings’ Graphics Director Karina Winbigler as she presents the basic elements of powerful graphics designs. Explore the balance of pictures, text, color, and fonts for designing business cards, flyers, banners, and more. She will also present various software options available.

September 15
Flash Fiction: The Art of Storytelling in Under 750 Words

Join Andrea Barbosa, Flash Fiction Editor of Kallisto Gaea Press, for a hands-on look at writing this popular new genre. Creating a full and satisfactory story in under 1,000 words is a challenge.  Come practice techniques from this award-winning author and start getting your flash fiction published.

October 13
Design Documents: An Exploration of Plotting Methodologies

 Join Fern Brady in this hands-on session on various styles of plotting styles. Design documents are critical to the success of a strong story.  Whether you plot up front, during the drafting, or at the end as a revision mechanism, these methodologies will help you ensure your work has consistency and clear development for your readers.

November 17
Pacing Your Writing: Creating a Timeframe That Works

Join Martine Lewis, author of the Grey Eyes young adult series, in this hands-on session on creating timelines for the production of your works. Learn techniques to help you stay on target in your writing life and meet your publishing goals.

December 1
Layered Revision: Polishing Your Work

Join Fern Brady for this hands-on session on polishing your work. First drafts are inherently messy. Revision is the process of making the work reader-ready. But there is so much to work on and it can be overwhelming. Fern will present a layered approach to a revision that will help you achieve a fantastic final draft with less stress.