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Each of these titles includes educator materials with open ended discussion questions, cross-curricular connections, technology integration activities, and standardized test-style multiple choice questions.  

These materials were created by certified teachers with more than 15 years of classroom experience.

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The Smiley Face Blatoon by Lady NefariYdarb  This picture book poem tells the narrative of a set of smiley face balloons that are released and float around the world.  In their travels they bare witness to the wonders of our planet.  The exercises in this book can be scaffolded for students across grades 3 to 6.  Some of the activities will be best for the younger grades, while others can be used for the upper grades.  

Perceptions: Special Needs  This anthology is the first in a new series by Inklings Children.  A collection of short stories and poems bringing awareness to disabilities, the volume includes per selection questions as well as across selection activities, questions, and activities.  Great for grades 3 to 6.