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     Authorology was created by Inklings Publishing as the author’s branch of the company. The goal was to create opportunities for authors to hone their skills and develop their projects. Inklings Publishing was born from a writers retreat, and the hope has been to use the Authorology branch to help authors birth new stories.

We will announce our spring 2022 schedule soon. Stay tuned. 

The Mission

Authorology provides writers, whether published by Inklings or not, opportunities to learn and perfect their writing craft skills as well as to devote time to their writing practice.

The Program Offerings

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     Authorlogy offers ongoing workshops and webinars on a variety of craft skills topics as well as other career building areas.

     Authorology offers an annual writers retreat weekend for authors to get away from their daily lives and enjoy time devoted to their writing. The retreat pricing includes all meals as well as lodging plus any materials from workshop sessions held during the event.

     Authorology, in conjunction with the Houston Writers Guild, offers a zoom writers room link which is open 24/7. Authors who enjoy writing with others can connect to the room and have their fellow authors present, via cyberspace, as they write. There is a group email which allows authors to know when fellow writers are in the room as well as receive refreshed links for the space.

     If you are interested in the writers room, email to be added to the group email thread and to receive the current link.

The Publications

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     The name Authorology was gifted to a nonprofit organization which was starting up in 2020 and whose goals were aligned with the Authorology mission of Inklings Publishing. However, due to personal issues of the founders, the organization closed in late 2021.

      While active, the organization hosted a short story contest and produced an anthology with the winner and honorable mention pieces called Journey Into the Fantastical.

      Inklings Publishing has taken over the rights to this anthology in order to continue putting the work of the winners in front of new audiences. Inklings Publishing will continue to produce new anthologies under the Journey Into series. Look in on our Submissions section for more information on when the calls will open and for the guidelines.

The Retreats

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     Inklings Publishing offers an annual Authorology writers retreat. Usually around the second weekend in November, the retreat allows writers to get away from their homes and lvies and immerse themselves in a secluded time of writing with peers.

     Retreat pricing includes the accommodations, all meals, and materials from the workshops that are part of the retreat. For more information on the previous retreats visit our (Here).  Due to Covid we have not held a retreat since 2019. We are still deciding on the 2022 retreat option.

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