Fern Brady

aka Lady NefariYdarb

Author of

Picture Books Under Pen Name:

Smiley Face Blatoon

Picture Day, Ella!

Jornian Chronicles:

United Vidden (July 2018)

Ramon Del Villar

Author of 

Interpreters Anatomy of a Civil Lawsuit

Roberto Duran Series:


Assassin (August 2018)

Kelly Lynn Colby

Author of

Recharging Series:

Tarbin's True Heir

​Tarbin's False Prophet (September 2018)

Flavio Hinojosa, Jr.

Author of:

Florilegio Poetico

C S Morales

Author of:


​Confirm (December 2018)

J.Lynn Else

Author of:

Descendants of Avalon

(May 2018)

Meet Our Authors

Brianca Hadnot 

Author of

Fuzzy Socks (June 2018)

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Andrea Barbosa

aka Andrya Bailey

Author of

Olympian Love Series:

Olympian Passion

Olympian Heartbreak

Meg Hafdahl 

Author of

Twisted Reveries Short Stories:

13 Tales of the Macabre

 Tales from Willoughby


 Willoughby Chronicles:

​Her Dark Inheritance (March 2018)