Perceptions: Bullies
Open Call for Submissions
May 1 to June 30

Inklings Publishing is looking for submissions of short fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for its second volume in the Perceptions Series of anthologies for children.  This series is focused on compiling short stories, articles, and poems that will help educators and parents discuss tough topics with children.  The theme for this volume is the difficult yet important topic of Bullies.

Submission Guidelines:

Story should be no more than 5000 words long and must involve the volume’s theme in some way. All genre’s welcome – both fiction and nonfiction. Poems very welcome.

Author’s may submit up to 3 stories and/or 6 poems for publication consideration
There will be two phases:

Revision Phase – After the initial submissions are reviewed, those Inklings wishes to include will be given an opportunity to work with an editor in a revision consultation.  A deadline will be provided for resubmission based on the revision requests.

Editing Phase – From stories resubmitted the final decision on which ones to include will be made.  Our professional editors will do their magic ensuring the work is ready for the public. Author’s whose stories are selected will receive their contract and payment in this phase.

Authors of pieces selected for the anthology will be paid $20 per story accepted once all revisions have been made and accepted. Poetry selections will be paid $3 per poem accepted.

In addition to the money, authors selected will also:

Be provided a free copy of the volume

Be able to purchase from Inklings Publishing as many copies of the anthology as they wish at 50% off retail price and resell these retaining all profits from said sales.

Retain all rights to their story for any future or concurrent use.  No exclusivity is required or requested.

Become a member of Inklings Publishing.  As such, future calls for submissions will be sent to you one month before the general call is issued and you will be able to register for events, workshops, and retreats at reduced prices and before the registration is open to others.

Members will be invited to participate at any and all book events so they may have a chance to build a following for themselves during the first year of the volume's release.

Submission Format:

Send your submissions in .doc or .docx to
Subject Line: Perceptions Series Submission

   1st Page should be a cover page with
      Title of story
      Author’s name as you wish it to appear in publication
      Author’s legal name
      Contact information for author including email address, telephone number, 
          and mailing address

  2nd Page should begin the short story/poems, with
title again and in 12 pt Garamond font, single spaced.

Last page, after the final page of the story, include a short biography of the author.

Inklings Publishing will use the proceeds of the sale of these anthologies to fund opportunities for our members and other writers to promote themselves, improve their craft, and network. 

We, at Inklings, look forward to reading your work and having you become a member of our company.