Inklings Publishing's Submission Policy:

Inklings accepts both unsolicited and agented manuscripts. Inklings is a small
press on the look out for work in all genres of fiction for adults. Inklings is willing to consider young adult novels, middle grade novels, and other works for children in all genres.

At this time, Inklings is not accepting picture book submissions unless the author is also the illustrator.  Manuscripts of nonfiction, poetry, and memoir will not be considered at this time.  

We are most interested in: Historic Fiction; Science Fiction; Fantasy; Romance; Mysteries & Thrillers; Legal Thrillers, Horror, and all sub-genres of these.


Send your submission to formatted as follows:

Subject line should read -- Query: Manuscript Submission (Insert Your Genre)

Your Query, in body of email, should contain: your legal name; pen name, if applicable; address; email; phone number; and approximate word count.

A 500 word synopsis should be included as an attachment as well as the first two chapters of the completed manuscript with your submission.  

Should we be interested in the work, we will request the full MS at a later date.

      Attach MS as a .docx or .doc document. 

      The document should be double-spaced with paragraphs indented using word styles (not tabbed). All manuscripts must use Arial or Courier font, have page numbers and use 12 pt font for your text. The header should contain the title of the work, author's last name, and page number in right hand corner.

Any work submitted that does not follow this criteria will be automatically rejected.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Please allow 90 days for receiving a response before inquiring as to the status of your submission.

Anthology Submissions:

Inklings Publishing publishes two anthology series.  

The Eclectic Writing Series is for general audience and centers around themes.  

The Perception Series is for children grades 2nd through 6th.  Its purpose is to provide parents and educators texts they can use to springboard conversations on tough topics.  As with all our children's books, this series contains questions and extension activities.  

Basic details on these can be found on our subpage by clicking here.

Thank you. We look forward to reading your work.