Eclectically Scientific Authors

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An artificial intelligence finds agency and discusses his findings with his creator.

Two thousand light years from Earth, a human captain and his AI companion discover the edge of the universe. But is that really what they've found?

Children on another planet experiment with a common Earth stimulant which results in entertaining shenanigans.

A discussion on if we're alone in the universe.

Two beetles fall in love under the light of the moon.

A time traveling roughneck is sent on a mission to unload a doomed ship. But is the ship the only thing doomed?

A man rushes to see his dying wife for the last time, only to be tormented by aliens who have been trying to capture him for years.

Always chosen second after her time travel researcher husband's career, a wife tries to go back in time to back sure they never meet. Sometimes, the person you end up with is not up to you.

A cheating husband tries to kill his wife by hacking her medical device. But he's not the only one who knows how to manipulate electronic equipment.

A barren mother accepts the help of a discount fertility clinic, but doesn't see the strings attached until it's too late.

A poem about the electrons in everyday world 


A poem paying homage to the goddess of math and science.

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