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     Inklings Publishing accepts both unsolicited and agented manuscripts. Inklings Children's Division is interested in middle grade and young adult novels of any and all genres and subgenres. Inklings Publishing is willing to consider historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, humor, mysteries & thrillers, horror, and all sub-genres relevant to these categories. At this time, Inklings is not accepting picture book submissions unless the author is also the illustrator. We are willing to look at novels for elementary age children grades 4 and up with no artwork requirements. Works for younger readers may be considered if the author is also the illustrator of the artwork for the novel.

All submissions must be sent to:

Current Submission status:

Be sure to check our social media pages and official site often for further publishing opportunities. Consider submitting to our short story calls for our Eclectic Writing Series and Perceptions Anthologies which open bi-annually. 
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Formatting Your Email

The subject line should read -- Query: MS Genre Grade Level (Author Last Name, First Initial)

Submission Guidelines

Your query should be in the body of the email and contain:

·    your legal name; pen name (if applicable) 

·    address 

·    email

·    phone number

·    approximate word count

·    social media links (all of the sites you are active on)

·    short description of the work

Attach only the first three chapters of your MS as a .docx or .doc document 


A full synopsis, no longer than two pages double spaced, should be included as an attachment as well.  


Manuscripts should be double-spaced with paragraphs indented using word styles (not tabbed). All manuscripts must use Arial or Courier font, have page numbers and use 12 pt font for your text. The header should contain:

·    the title of the work 

·    author's last name,

·    page numbers in the right-hand corner.

Any work submitted that does not follow these criteria will be automatically rejected.  Thank you for your cooperation.


The submission window/period is open from May 1st through June 30th. ALL submissions must arrive in our inbox by June 30th at midnight. Email submissions only. No snail mail will be accepted.


Submissions will be read after the window closes. Reading period will be July through September; responses will be sent as we process your work, starting in July. All responses should go out by mid-October the latest. Please do not inquire after your submission before that time. All submissions will receive a response.

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