Inklings Team

Fern Brady


     is the founder and CEO of Inklings Publishing. She began her professional life as a foreign correspondent, taught for 15 years in Alief ISD, and is a full-time Realtor in Houston. She has published numerous short stories, two children's picture books, a couple of poems, and is excited about the upcoming release of her debut novel, United Vidden, which will be book one in her Alliance in Peril Series. She is an active member of the Houston Writers Guild, with whom she served as CEO for four years, and of Texas Authors Association as well as of Blood Over Texas and Romance Writers of America. 

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Mike Brady

President and Technology Specialist

     is Inklings Publishing's President and Technology Specialist. He works full-time for Alief ISD as one of their Technology Specialist as well.  He has always loved teaching and is an avid reader. 

JoAnna Jordan

Vice President

     is Inklings Publishing's Vice President. She has been a Houston area educator for seven years and currently teaches at Crosby ISD.

     JoAnna is the novelist and owner of Degotoga Writing. Her debut novel, Flowers In Winter, was published in 2018 and its sequel is pending release in late 2020. She publishes blogs that explore healing through trauma with a focus on positive personal growth which provides a safe place to explore this human experience. JoAnna is also a founding member of Houston Authors' Writing Group where she concentrates on community outreach.

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Sandy Lawrence

Marketing and Public Relations

     is an energetic "people person" and works passionately to take her clients’ message to the world. She loves a good story and considers it her responsibility to help people share their story with the world.

     Sandy is a publicist, speaker, author and founder of Perceptive Public Relations. She is number 17 in Houston’s Social Influencers and Perceptive PR is number 9 in Houston’s Public Relations Firms. Sandy is the author of several books, including the Do It Yourself PR Guide and Soar 2 Success in Marketing: 58 Tips to Getting the Word out and Growing your Business

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Manon Lavoie


     Born and raised in the French-speaking province of Quebec, Canada, Manon spent her childhood looking forward to her summer vacations at the farm, were a nice escape from the suburbs where she lived. Her first written endeavor was a 200-page handwritten Duran Duran band fiction which she wrote when she was eleven years old. All throughout high school, Martine wrote more band fiction some original work, then she went to write fanfictions in the Star Wars, Buffy and Harry Potter universe. Most of her fanfiction can be found on

     Following her viewing of Roswell on Netflix in 2012, Manon wrote book two and three of the Gray Eyes Series, then went on to create the Gray Eyes Series universe in which she has been playing ever since. She writes Young Adult/New Adult contemporary coming-of-age romance with a twist under the pen name of Martine Lewis. Manon is an avid reader and rollerskater. She loves sushi, hot chocolate on a cold day, and the beach. But what she loves above all else is to curl on her chair with her computer and two cats and write more stories for her readers. 

Ashley Conner Editing (ACE)


     Ashley Conner Editing (ACE) partners with book publishers to transform manuscripts into publish-ready masterpieces. Whether enhancing fiction or nonfiction, we strive to have a positive impact on the reading experience for all who encounter books which have gone through our editing process. So with each project, ACE is driven to provide clients with premium quality service and professionalism. We are passionate about the craft of editing and love polishing content to reveal radiant gems, while maintaining each storyteller’s unique voice and creative style.

Amy Megill


     lives in Houston and works as a technical editor and freelance editor. She owns and has over ten years of professional editing experience. Amy has a BA in mass communication and a certificate in editing, and she’s in graduate school for an MPS in publishing. She’s also the president of the Editorial Freelancers Association’s Houston chapter. Amy enjoys the piano, photography, reading, and playing with her dog and African Grey parrot.

Andrea R.D. Parrish

Developmental Editor

     was born in Rhode Island and grew up on the East Coast.  She enlisted in the U.S. Navy right out of high school, where she worked as a Construction Mechanic for 14 years.  After her medical discharge, she went to Purdue University and majored in Elementary Education with a minor in Computer Education.  After 19 years as a teacher, Andrea is now retired and ready to start her third career as a Developmental Editor and Author for Inklings Publishing.  She lives on a ranch in East Texas with her husband, son and their animals.  


Steph Matthiesen

Developmental Editor

     Steph Matthiesen is an independent writer and editor from Houston, Texas. In 2016 she gave up her graphic design career in pursuit of writing, and she hasn't looked back! Her priority is to help startups, indie authors, and small organizations thrive —find out more at


Arthur Doweyko

Cover Artist

     As a PhD scientist, Arthur invented novel drug design software and shares the 2008 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award for the discovery of Sprycel, an anti-cancer drug. He writes science fiction and fantasy, and designs book covers. Novels: Algorithm (2010 RPLA) and As Wings Unfurl (Best Pre-Pub Sci-Fi 2014 RPLA); Anthology: My Shorts (13 short stories, pub 2017). Many of his short stories (more than 25) have garnered awards, including Honorable Mentions in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Competition. HIs artwork has also netted Honorable Mentions in the L. Ron Hubbard Illustrators of the Future contests. He has published a variety of book covers and internal illustrations.

Verstandt R.A. Shelton

Cover Artist

     is Inklings Publishing's cover artist. Growing up as a childhood misfit, Verstandt R. A. Shelton wiled away the hours daydreaming of floating in space and sitting at the bottom of the ocean floor. A disquieting obsession for the less beaten paths of philosophical ponderings and environmental extremes led him to stumble into the murky depths of the writerly craft.

     You can find him today chained in the back of his closet, with the lights out, a bottle of whiskey in hand, and the ghosts of his inspirations (Stephen King, Clive Barker, Milton, Lovecraft, and Dante) breathing down his neck, writing stories to terrify the world. His lovely wife, Jennifer, and his dog, Joan Jet, worry for his safety.

Araceli Casas


     is one of Inklings' illustrators and was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Araceli is the illustrator of the award-winning The Smiley Face Blatoon from Inklings Children Division. Araceli received her Liberal Arts degree (with concentrations in Theology and Studio Arts) and a Creative Writing minor from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas.

     Through the University of St. Thomas, Araceli took art classes at the Glassell School of Art in Houston, Texas.  She has completed a Post-Baccalaureate degree in Art History at the University of Houston and is currently working towards a Masters in Education for Art Education.  Araceli works mostly with DUO oils on canvas.

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Rosa Maria Garza


     is one of Inklings Publishing's illustrators. Currently, Rosa is producing a comic book series authored and published as the inaugural release for Inklinger Comics, a division of Inklings Publishing.

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Karina Sokulski

Webmaster and Graphic Designer

     Karina graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing. She is as avid about her writing as she is about promoting the importance of a writing community. Karina loves to spend her days writing along to lo-fi beats and sipping a nice hot cup of tea. When not writing, she uses her talents through her business, Bookish Promotions, to help her clients realize their own artistic designs.

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Mike Sims

Trailer Director & Editor

     Since his teenage years, Mike Sims has been the ultimate story-teller, creating written works of art of all types. He has built a following on social media entertaining people with his never-ending and unique brand of humor. Working tirelessly behind the scenes writing jokes for morning radio personalities to professional comedians.

     Mike's work has caught the attention of Hollywood producers and marketing professionals across various industries from commercials to infomercials and everything in between. His passion for storytelling has led him to publish his work and bringing what he hopes is helpful and entertaining literature to the world. 


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